Culture and Values



Ethical business culture
We created and sustained an ethical culture in our organization.

Fiduciary duty
It is our responsibility and duty to act in the best interest of our investors.

In Rock Hill, we love learning, sharing and quality discussion. We also embrace humbleness and curiosity.

“Vincit veritas”
We believe that truth prevails. We are extremely open-minded and on the way of a long and endless pursuit of rationality and objectivity.

Self-cognition and reflection
We developed and sustained a high level of self-cognition and reflection.

We are in an environment of flat, direct, and effective communication.

We strive for excellence at both individual and team levels. We demonstrated hardworking, toughness and discipline in our works.

We are team players. In pursuit of individual success, team victory prevails.

Interest alignment
Our portfolio managers are also the investors of the fund. Strong interest alliance with investors.


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